My Adult Life

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living that costume design life. playing dress up with @gingey17 and @bettybong01 in the shop
dreaming is better together

i think asking people questions on tumblr is weird as fuck. get a life of your own creepy fucks.

5 fucking years, babe and everyday is better than the last @kmbsound
business cards came and its opening of merrily! so stoked :) #hireme
life of pi. what a dream
#tbt to new years eve last year with this bitch in celebration of less than a month until wegas/britney #beccagross #bestie #threesomefopizza ?
#nudiepic #oils #starvingartist
nails did, her did, everything did
halloween has always been deer to me. #halloweekend #deer #makeup
#tbt happy opening to the cast and crew of The Crucible! open dress still counts in my mind! we’ve put together one absolutely incredible show that we should be sooo proud of!! make sure you come see it this weekend, the open dress is free to all students tonight!!  come see my witchy costumes :D